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Quotation of A9000 Polyurea spraying machine

Standard configuration
2.Transfer pump:2sets
3.Insulated pipe with heating: 15m/group(standard)
4. Special spraying gun:1 piece
5. Connecting pipe for spraying gun:3m/group

Technical Data:
1.Ratio of raw materials: 1:1 standard fixed ratio
2. Viscosity range: 200~1000CPS(under operating temperature)
3. Output of raw materials: 2~8kg/ min
4.Air pressure:0.5-0.8 Mpa(70-120psi)≥1.2m³/min
5.Power:3-phase,4-line,380V 50HZ 22Ax3
6. Heating power : 4500W*2
7. Heating power for pipe insulation:3200w
8. Max.length for the insulated pipe:90m(optional)
9. Heating temperature range: 0℃~90℃
10. Output pressure:9~18 Mpa(1300-2500 psi)
11. Cleaning method of the spraying gun:mechanical cleaning assisted with compressed air

Shipping Parameter
1.Dimension: 930mm×800mm×1210mm
2. Weight: 125Kg

1.Easy operation
1)Compact control panel
2)Operation remarks and hints for key parts
3)Big wheel application makes the moving easy and free under complicate circumstances
2. Fully pneumatic system
1)Fully pneumatic super power,can be operated without electricity
2)External pneumatic integrated control system,fast,sensitive,low fault.
3)Straight platoon-type gas path efficiently controls the icing.
3. Unique heating control system
1)Armoured temperature sensor collects the signal at any time,efficiently controls the heating overshooting phenomenon.
2)Flagelligorm armoured temperature sensor inside the heating tube is sensitive and accurate without signal losing
4. Silencing and noise reduction
1)Special silencing efficiently reduces the noise.

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