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Quotation Of H3500 spray machine

Standard configuration
1. Mainframe:1set
2. Spray gun : 1set
3. Transfer pump: 2sets
4. Connecting pipe for spray gun :3m
5. Max. Pipe length:90m(optional)
6. Heating and preserved pipe : 15m(standard)

Technical Data:
1. Ratio of raw materials:1:1fixed ratio
2. Viscosity range of raw materials:200-1000CPS(under working temperature)
3. Output of raw material :2~8kg/ min
4. Heating device power for material:9000W×2
5. Heating power for pipe heating:3200W Heating temperature range:0℃~90℃ Electrical
6. Requirements:3-phase, 4-line 380v, 50Hz, 38Ax3+16A
7. Hydraulic working pressure : 8~12Mpa
8. Single component output pressure:26Mpa
9. Maximum hydraulic driving the machine:25Mpa
10. The way of cleaning the spray gun: Air cleaning
11. The way of driving the machine :Hydraulic Driven

Shipping Parameter
1.Dimension: 1100mm×700mm×1400mm
2. Weight: 350Kg

It’s very convenient to moving more suitable for factory and construction contractor.
2. It provides the maxim function for the working.
3. It has the special FGPQ spray gun, simple operation, spray a better effect.

This kind of machine can be used in many areas and spray a lot of double component materials, such as spray a variety of two-component materials: polyurea elastomer, polyurethane elastomer, polyurethane foam and polyurea,polyurethane adhesive and sealants.

PROPU-IIIB235 PU spray and perfusion equipment
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