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As a transfer line, the plate slitting machine is made up of decoiler, circular shear, stacker, tension control parts, winder, and PLC electric control system. This machine has the advantage of cutting and rolling material continuously; moreover, it can roll material of any width, and has high productivity.

This machine has merits of convenient operation and high stock utilization and so on.

As a kind of slitting equipment, the plate slitting machine is mainly used in cutting and producing of cold-rolled steel coil, stainless steel, color coated coil, tinplate. This machine is also suitable to slit melt material to fillet, and then reroll the fillet into roller.

Plate Slitting Machine

Plate Slitting Machine


Material Width ≤1250 mm
Yield strength ≤400 Mpa
Thickness of sheet 0.1-1.5 mm
Min slitting width 50 mm
Type of drive Link chain drive
Power 1.5 KW
Size 1200×1500×1300mm

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