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Highway Guardrail Forming Machine

Main parameter
1.Specification of rolling material: Width: 480mm; Thickness:3-4mm;Q235A Galvanized steel sheet.
2.Working speed: 10 -12m/min
3.Roller steps: 13 pairs main rollers & 7 pairs flattening rollers
4.Material of roller: GCr15 bearing steel, quenched, HRC58°-62°
5.Material of main shaft: superior 45# steel, tempered.
6.Diameter of main shaft: ¢85 mm
7.Main motor power: 35 kw
8.Transmission:double-row chain drive
9.Structure of forming machine: wallboard
10.Flattening motor power: 2.2 kw
11.Hydraulic motor power: 11 kw, Pressure: 20 Mpa
12.Material of Punching and Cutting mould:Cr12
13.Cutting blade heat-treated.:HRC58°-62°
14.Punching and Cutting Way:Adopt hydraulic driving, flat panel punching, cutting after roll forming.
15.Electric control system: whole machine adopts PLC frequency control, Cut-to-length error≤±2mm
16.Machine dimension:13500mm×2700mm×1600mm

Profile drawing

Equipment configuration
Manual Feeding device (3 T capacity), transmission, flattening device, before-punching device (2 sets), main machine and roller (including guide table), cutting (after roll forming) device, hydraulic system, electric control system, run out table, etc.

Production process
Manually uncoiling →Feeding & Correcting→ Seven rollers flattening device → Flat panel Punching→ Roll forming → Cutting after roll forming → Finished product.

Technological process figure

Introduction of Roll Forming Machine for Highway Guardrail:
This roll former production line mainly includes uncoiler and its bracket, color steel roll flattening equipment, punching equipment, molding system, cutting equipment, hydraulic control system, support, etc.

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CNC Automatic Steel Bar Bending Machine

Main parameter
1.Model: WG12B
2.Machine type: coiling and bending machine
3.Raw material: steel bar
4.Material / metal processed: carbon steel
5.Power: CNC
6.Automation: yes
7.Extra services: end forming
8.Certification: CE
9.After-sales service: engineers are available to offer service overseas
10.Rebar diameter: 4mm - 12mm
11.Application: straightening, bending, cutting
12.Voltage: 380V 50Hz 3 phase
13.Total motor power: 32.35kW
14.Average electric power consumption: 6kW/h
15.Control system: Fatek PLC control
16.Production capacity per month: 280-320ton every 10 hours, 2 shift per day
17.Gross weight: 3,147kg
18.Color: white, or as per customer demand

1. Combined with horizontal and vertical straightening wheels, and driven by imported Vector servo motor, this CNC steel bar bending machine is featured by high accuracy when straightening rebar.
2. Bending spindle can rotate and help cut rebar at high speed with high bending precision.
3. FATEK or Siemens control system, touch screen, and Inovance servo motor.
4. This automatic steel bar bending machine can straighten the bars, measure length, bend and shear the bar at same time, ensuring high processing efficiency.

Machine Picture

Processing range of a single steel Level I round steel 6-12mm
Level III thread steel 6-12mm
Processing range of  double steels Level I round steel 6-10mm
Level III thread steel 6-8mm
Processing efficiency 1440 pcs/hour
Max. bending angel ±180°
Max. feeding speed 2000mm/s
Max. bending speed 1000 (°/s)
Ground clearance of bending spindle 1120mm
Stirrup side length  130--1800mm
Average electric power consumption 5kW/h
Total capacity 32.35kW

This CNC steel bar bending machine uses FATEK or Siemens control system with touch screen. It can automatically carry out processes of feeding, straightening, bending and cutting. Maximum bending diameter of rebar is 12mm. The automatic steel bar bending machine is widely used in construction industry and rebar manufacturing enterprises.


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