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High-pressure PU injecting machine

Detailed Instruction of PRO-HP -220B

Machine: PRO-HP -220B
Main technical data
Dimension Main body: 1590 mm x 1200mm x 2400mm
Tanks: 720mm x 1550mm x 2400mm
Machine weight About 2500kg
Flux 3500g/s
Group Two
Accuracy ≤1%
Matching ratio 1:1-1:3 adjust at will
A.B material bucket 550L
Blending and mixing tip self-clean, solvent free, bending and  mixing tip life is more than 300 thousand times
Reference arrange of application
This injecting machine is mainly used for PU rigid foam, Self-knit skin high rebound, Cold locker, Pipe in pipe, Refrigerator double-layered, Cushion and automobile fittings etc

PROPU-IIIB235 PU spray and perfusion equipment
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