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Technical Data Of Diesel Generator Unit

Main technical data of diesel generator
1. Code: 30GF
2. Rated power: 30kW
3. Rated voltage: 400V
4. Rated current: 54A
5. Rated frequency: 50Hz
6. Rated power factor: COS=0.8 (lagging)
7. Static voltage adjustment: ≤1%
8. Transient voltage adjustment: -15%~ +20%
9. Voltage stabilization duration: ≤1.5sec
10. Voltage fluctuate: ≤1.0%
11. Static frequency adjustment: ≤3%
12. Transient frequency adjustment: ≤±10%
13. Frequency stabilization duration: 3sec
14. Frequency fluctuate : ≤1%
15. Diesel consumption in full load: 206g/kw/h
16. Dimension: 1650*750*950
17. Weight: 650KG

Technical data of diesel engine
1. Cod: K4100
2. Type: four cycle engine, direct injection, compression ignition
3. Cooling method: pump circulation water cooling system
4. Cylinder type: 4 cylinders, upright 4
5. Drainage: 3.6L
6. Lubricant oil volume: 10L
7. Diameter / stroke of cylinder: 100mm*115mm
8. Rotating speed: 1500r/min
9. Speed adjustment: mechanical adjustment
10. Starting method: DC12V electric start

Technical data of generator
1. Code: STC-30KW 2. Type: with brush, AVR automatic voltage adjustment 3. Phase / wiring: 3 phase, four wires 3,4 4. Insulation grade: H 5. Protection grade: IP22

Buildup of the generator unit
Diesel Engine, generator, control panel
The control panel is equipped with some indicating meters for voltage, current, frequency and water temperature.

Muffler, storage battery and connection wire, damping cushions, tool box, documentation, etc.

Lock Former

Model: BHS
Dimensions: 400 × 400 × 400
Weight: 38kg
Material of wheel: 45# steel
Material of gear: 40Cr
Transmission mode: this lock former adopts gear transmission
Motor power of this lock forming machine: 1.1kW

Turbine Air Ventilator

1. Our turbine air ventilator can generate air convection and discharge hot air.
2. The wind turbine ventilator is helpful to reduce air-conditioning load and increase indoor fresh air.
3. This turbine air ventilator can remove roof moisture, mildew smell, and steam, thus keeping the roof dry.
4. Our wind turbine ventilator can replace heavy-duty electric exhaust fan to reduce the cost of bracket, save electricity and reduce noise.

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