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Steel Drum Making Line

The steel drum making line can meet the requirements of 100L-- 208L drums/barrels. The production capacity can reach 4-5 drums/barrels in one minute. The "de-coiling- leveling- fix measure cutting" of steel coil can be completed automatically in one line. It is controlled by PLC, hydraulic driving. Servo motor is adopted to control the measurement. And the cutting precision can reach 0. 5mm in length, 1mm in diagonal; the cutting speed is 10m in one minute. At the same time we also provide the service of the equipments maintains, remodel,
Main techniques:
1.Corrugating :≤3mm
2. Drum : 884-895(mm)
3. Motor power: 11KW
4. Machine size: 4500×650×2100(mm); Total weight: 7T
5. Hydraulic station: a) Machine size: 1800x860x1700(mm)
                                     b) Total weight: 1T
                                     c) Motor power: 7.5KW
Yingkou Professional Roll Forming Machine Co., Ltd is a recognized leader in the manufacture of steel drum production line and roll forming machines. We could design and produce any kind of steel plate roll forming machine and steel drum production line. We also could produce based on client's drawing and design offer OEM producing. The main production including: steel drum production line and related machines, PRO-240, PRO-120 arch sheet forming machine, arch sheet building project, PU spray and perfusion machine, spiral steel silo forming machine, and all kinds of forming machines, etc. We provide 100 rolling forming machine to our clients every year.

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